The Summer Abs Workout
The Summer Abs Workout

Start this mid year abs exercise with a careful warm up daily practice.



Rehash this circuit multiple times and rest for 60 seconds between sets.

1. Hop rope: 60 seconds. Bounce on the chunks of your feet and move the rope just with your wrists.

2. Russian turn: 45 seconds. Rests with your legs bowed, and raise your chest area to make a V shape with your thighs. Turn your middle to one side, and afterward invert the movement, curving it to one side.

3. Standing side curve: 45 seconds. Stand up, holding a free weight with two hands, and raise your arms up or more your head. Twist your middle to one side, the extent that it feels good, respite, and twist it to one side.

4. Bungle crunches: 60 seconds. Remain with your hands behind your head, twist your right leg and lift your knee as high as possible. Pivot your middle to one side and carry your right knee to one side elbow. Rehash on the contrary side.

5. Board bird canine: 45 seconds. Start in a board position and expand one leg and the contrary arm simultaneously. Respite for 2 to 3 seconds, get back to the beginning position and switch sides.


6. Back expansions: 60 seconds. Untruth face down on a mat, with your legs completely expanded and your hands supporting your head. Lift your middle up, hold for a check of 2 and get back to the beginning position.

7. Divider crunches: 45 seconds. Lie on your back and with your advantages the divider. Lift your shoulders off the mat, press the abs and hold for 1 to 2 seconds.

8. Dead bug: 60 seconds. While on your back, broaden your arms and legs toward the roof. Lower your right leg and expand your left arm behind your head. Switch sides and rehash.

9. Cross crunches: 30 seconds + 30 seconds. Curve your knees, cross your right leg on top of the left knee and backing your head with your left hand.

10. Side board: 30 seconds + 30 seconds. Lie on your side with your body completely expanded. Lift your body off the mat and equilibrium your weight between the lower arm and the side of the foot. Keep your body in an orderly fashion and hold for 30 seconds. Change sides and rehash.

The Summer Abs Workout


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